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Wedding Vows and Words of Love

"I met Pascale at her Health, Wealth and Happness workshop series back in 2014, where she brilliantly opened our eyes and guided us down our own paths to asking tricky questions about what makes us tick and why we react the way we do to issues and events that show up in our lives. She amalgamated what she had learnt along her own journey of being asked deep, tricky questions and set to work sharing the in depth guidance manual she had created to teach us to reach inner contentment; totally with her own spin and with her own flavour.

Pascale is bubbly, optimistic and full of love. She can find a way to explain issues (in life, love and business) in a concise, easy to understand manner that focuses on the light side of life while including darker aspects to be overcome. 

I asked Pascale to be the MC at my destination wedding in 2019 and to create a speech about love, as I admire the way she sees life and I appreciate how she reflects on truth, growth, wisdom and openness in her writing.

Pascale's words were so well received. I'm so glad I asked her to write for us, and I loved receiving a copy of the wedding speech and poem she wrote as a special memento of our perfect day."

- T.H.

Websites & eBooks

“Pascale worked with us for 5 years and more than exceeded our expectations. We were a start up company, pioneering a new style of building and needed someone who could describe what we did and why it was a better solution to the housing situation in New Zealand. Pascale was entrusted with content creation and management for our website, social media, blog and advertising streams both online and offline. She also wrote and continually updated and edited all our customer contracts, questionnaires, specification sheets and invoices in line with the ever-changing construction laws. 

Pascale has such a flair for writing that we also had her write our presentations and speeches for expos and conferences. She is reliable, fast, and trustworthy, and just a delight to deal with. A true gem!”

- Director, Park Homes NZ Ltd