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A fully bespoke wedding service for writing wedding vows and other heartfelt words to the ones you love.

Who am I?

My name is Pascale Hennessey

I've always been good at two things: talking and writing. Maybe it's due to a fascination with words, maybe it's the delight I get out of describing something in a way that is so on point you could taste it; or cracking a joke at the right time and getting to be part of making someone smile that day. 

I am a lover of words and a lover of love. This world is full of love, it's everywhere you look and it's in everything. Sometimes it's obvious, like the way a mama kisses her newborn babe, when a couple shares a smile and a wink, or when a friend brews you a cup of hot tea when you're feeling under the weather. At other times, love is harder to see, yet is always there, weaving its way through every fibre of life: the sun stretching its rays to the tiny seedling in the corner of the garden; the loyal canine friend that snuggles up to your feet on a cold, winter's day; the stranger who buys your groceries because your card declined at the checkout. Through every kingdom of the universe, love is there, inching us closer and closer to one another, silently and with grace.

My wordsmithing ways have developed over a long period of time whilst working in a variety of industries. Being a life coach and mentor taught me to be tactful and to take care with my words, so that the right message could be brought across to someone looking for inspiration, motivation, guidance or healing. Writing chapters for books, retreats, seminars and workshops allowed me to open up and be vulnerable in front of others, and to give them permission to do the same. Belonging to a community and being of service, for the sake of advancing civilisation and raising the collective consciousness, has aided my own development as a communicator, an uplifter, and a healer of broken hearts. 

My writing qualifications come both from personal and professional experience over the last decade, and through gaining certifications in the writing of speeches, public training seminars, website content and eBooks, and becoming a twice-published author in the fields of personal development, self-love and transformation.

Having also been asked many a time to write wedding speeches, vows and poems my writing refined itself along with my heightened awareness about the state of the world and my place in it. Write Me Love Letters was born out of a desire to assist individuals and couples who wished to promote, share and express the words in their hearts with love and kindness, compassion and joy; to find the right words so that they felt that they'd truly connected with their audience, their companion or their lover. 

I'm so excited to bring this service to the world! I've chosen to work virtually so that I may be available to anyone living in any country (with access to a phone or computer). All my work is provided to you digitally, and copyright ownership passes to you the moment you receive the completed work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's have a chat about how I can help you with your wedding vows, speeches or presentations in a way that truly connects.

With love,


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