Writing Wedding Vows?

Writing Wedding Vows?

Writing Wedding Vows?Writing Wedding Vows?Writing Wedding Vows?

Welcome to your customised writing service. Ensuring the words in your heart are heard.

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Require some proofreading? A resume or cover letter? A blog post written with authenticity?

Additional writing services on offer to inspire, motivate, educate or simply to assist you in completing your website, C.V. or other project.

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Hello, I'm Pascale and I'm a Professional Love Letter Writer

Exquisite, authentic, pulling-at-your-heartstrings kind of love letters - the kind that would make your great-grandparents proud!


Wedding Vows, Speeches and More!

Let me help you write your wedding vows, commitments, or innermost thoughts and feelings to someone you love, with style and authenticity.


Your Heart on a Page

Remember they're your words; your thoughts, feelings and heartfelt messages, brought to the surface with a little nudge from me :-)

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